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MSN Movies hangs out with Rupert Grint

When we were offered the chance to chat to everyone’s other favourite boy-wizard, Rupert Grint, we just couldn’t say no.

By Ed Holden 13/10/2011 14:34

by guest blogger Emma Roberts


There are several reasons why Rupert Grint is by far the coolest out of the Harry Potter kids and, after hanging out with him to talk about The Making Of Harry Potter tour, I feel it’s only polite to share them with you.

Firstly, he has achieved what millions across the globe can only dream of...  he has his very own ice cream van! You can’t get much cooler than driving a vehicle with its very own sub-zero refrigerating system in it. In our exclusive interview (which will be available online in the next few weeks) Rupert proudly admitted that he still owns his famous ice cream van and he even happily answered the genius fan question: “If you were an ice cream, what would you be and why?” We know some movie stars who would have stormed off in a diva-fit after hearing such a query, but Rupert laughed as he answered (and no, we’re not telling you what he said... yet!)

Rupert also has some really cool friends, including musician of the moment Ed Sheeran. Rupert is a regular at the singer’s concerts and he’s even starring in Ed’s music video for his single Lego House. The ex-Potter star even admitted to us that he always wanted to be in a band – could a music career be on the cards for Rupert? You’ll have to wait for the interview to find out... The coolest thing about Rupert though was that he was just so down-to-earth - chatting to him was like talking to a laid-back mate at my local pub. He also looked effortlessly stylish, wearing a worn out pair of Converse trainers and an indie-looking t-shirt and he was happy to pose for no less than three photos with me after my camera-phone decided to play up in a typical fashion. Now, that’s really nice, considering you’ve got a better chance of bumping into Elvis in Atlantis than getting a single picture with most movie stars.

For now, we’ll have to leave you with this brief insight into what it was like hanging out with Rupert Grint, but you’ll be able to feast your eyes on the full video interview later on in the month...

14/10/2011 00:04
OMG that man is just too adorable, i love you rup!!
I can´t wait to read this interview.

13/10/2011 22:08
I wish I could see one of my favorite persons of the hp crew.. Doesn't matter who, I would shine from smiling!... but I will never ever met them, because I live in The Netherlands.. A boring little land.. So I will forever dream of meeting one of my heros.
13/10/2011 20:43
i cant wait to read your interview. plus just wanted to say i like your pics and if it wasnt for the interview, id say you both make a cute couple. no really. 
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