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R-Patz won't be in the Hunger Games sequel. So who else should play Finnick?

We take a look at some of the stars linked to the role of Finnick Odair in Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire…

Robert Pattinson has denied rumours that he's been approached about joining the cast of The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire as the fan favourite character of Finnick Odair, eliciting both sighs of relief and cries of disappointment around the world.

While we can't deny the Twilight heartthrob is certainly handsome enough to embrace the physically perfect Finnick, we're quite happy he's rubbished this speculation because we're not sure we could really get over the fact it's Edward Cullen popping up in Panem! Besides, he's already got one multi-billion dollar franchise (two if you count Harry Potter) under his belt, so it's just greedy to add a third!

Robert Pattinson at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere in LA (© WireImage)

Robert Pattinson at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere in LA

But if not Robert then who? Finnick's not the easiest character to cast. The victor of the 65th Hunger Games, who plays a pivotal role in Catching Fire and the third book Mockingjay, is described as "one of the most stunning, sensuous people on the planet", with a sculpted body, golden skin, bronzed hair and sea green eyes that have most of the Capitol "drooling" over him. Oh, and whoever plays him will have to be totally cool with stripping off on camera, given that he seems to spend a fair amount of time scantily clad!

Producers haven't confirmed anyone is in talks yet, but a quick scour of Hunger Games fan sites brings up some interesting suggestions ranging from Ryan Gosling, Hunter Parrish and Garrett Hedlund to Chris Hemsworth, brother of Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth (who plays Gale), True Blood's Ryan Kwanten and even Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick!

So while the casting directors get their thinking caps on (and we really don't envy their task of having to please the masses!), we've dug out just some of the top choices from the many (and we mean many!) fan speculated names linked to the role of Mr Finnick Odair:

Zac Efron

Rumours linking Zac Efron to the role have fans divided between those who can totally see the baby-faced actor being handsome enough to wrap whoever he wants round his little finger, and those who argue that he's just not rugged enough, and perhaps too young looking (despite being 24 in real life) to play the strong Finnick.

Zac Efron attends the after party for The Paperboy in Cannes (© WireImage)

Zac Efron attends the after party for The Paperboy in Cannes

We're inclined to fall into the former group here. Anyone who has seen recent pictures of Mr Efron flexing his muscles on the beach will know he's come a long way from the boy dancing with his basketball in High School Musical! We also think he'd rock the whole tan/bronze hair/green eyes look and, having seen Charlie St. Cloud and 17 Again, we're convinced he could totally nail the emotional/playful element of Finnick.

He's admitted he's a fan of franchise, which goes in his favour, but recently confessed he'd only read the first book so far. Tsk, tsk! We recommend he buckle down and get cracking on those next two if he really wants to impress the casting team!

Ian Somerhalder

Some commenters reckon the 33-year-old Vampire Diaries heartthrob is a tad too old for Finnick, who's estimated to be around 24. (He won the 65th Hunger Games when he was 14 and the action in the books takes place around ten years later). But on the flipside, just look at Mr Somerhalder! We'd have no trouble believing half the Capitol wanted a piece of him!

Ian Somerhalder attends the CW Upfront in New York (© WireImage)

Ian Somerhalder attends the CW Upfront in New York

He'd have to dye those glossy dark locks bronze, which we admit we're not sure about, and get rid of the vampire pale to play the tanned, outdoorsy Finnick, but plenty of fans are on his side. There's already a petition pleading with movie makers Lionsgate to consider him, with fans bigging up his apparently Finnick-esque qualities like that crooked, knowing smile, experience lusting after a girl who's just out of reach, and most importantly for many, looking awesome without a shirt on.

Ian hasn't said whether he'd be interested one way or another so no word on whether this is an actual possibility or just fan fantasy. If he is keen, we can't help wondering whether his time spent hanging out on the Lost island might give him an advantage given Finnick's affinity for water and knot tying!

Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan, best known for playing Teddy Montgomery in 90210, might not be the biggest name in contention but he's surely got to win the award for biggest fan! He's described the role as his absolute "dream" and insists it wouldn't just be another job to him.

Trevor Donovan attends The Vow premiere in LA (© WireImage)

Trevor Donovan attends The Vow premiere in LA

"I was a fan before anyone knew The Hunger Games series would be made into movies," he told The Advocate. "I read all the books the day they first came out and knew right there and then I wanted to play Finnick." And just to prove his superior knowledge, he joked: "I'm definitely the underdog in this race, but I'm committed and going to give it all I've got. As Effie Trinket says, 'May the odds be ever in your favour.'"

He's also read Catching Fire a whopping seven times, popped up at The Hunger Games premiere, and even wrote a Hunger Games-inspired song! Phew. All that campaigning has done the trick with us, though - we're totally on his side! Genuine fan? Yes. The right physical build? Yes. Sense of humour? Yes. Never quit attitude? Yes. It all adds up to a pretty perfect Finnick.

Armie Hammer

Another popular name doing the rounds is Armie Hammer, probably best known for playing the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network - although, sadly, we'd only need one of him in The Hunger Games.

Armie Hammer at the AFI Fest 2011 screening of J. Edgar in Hollywood (© WireImage)

Armie Hammer at the AFI Fest 2011 screening of J. Edgar in Hollywood

He hasn't addressed the rumours so no word on whether he'd be interested, but Trevor Donovan recently name checked him as one of the heavyweight contenders he reckoned he'd be competing against.

And it's not hard to see why - fan blogs gunning for this casting praise his qualities including charm, humour, ability to have fun on camera, and easy rapport with co-stars, as why he'd be the perfect choice for Finnick. Others say that at 25, he'd look the right age next to Jennifer Lawrence and considering he grew up in the Cayman Islands (lucky thing!) he'd have no trouble fitting into the watery, fishing world of District 4.

Jesse Williams

Best known as Grey's Anatomy doc Jackson Avery, the rather smouldering Jesse Williams has admitted he was initially surprised by the serious amount of fan support he had for the role, especially given he had absolutely no idea who Finnick was until recently!

Jesse Williams attends the Grammy Glam event in Hollywood (© WireImage)

Jesse Williams attends the Grammy Glam event in Hollywood

Tweeting back in March when rumours started circulating about his possible involvement, he said: "What is all this Finnick talk? Who/What is Finnick?" But don't worry Games fans! He's now caught up on all his Panem goss, although he admitted to E! News this month that he'd only read the first (Finnick-free and far worse for it) book so far, so, like Mr Efron, he might have to get cracking on the others.

There are websites, Twitter and Facebook pages, and even a petition dedicated to getting him the juicy part and while Jesse has played pretty cool about his interest in public, he's certainly helping promote the campaign by retweeting some of the comments of drooling fans eager to see him lift that trident.

Chace Crawford

Ian Somerhalder isn't the only teen drama favourite to be linked to the role: step forward Chace Crawford! The Gossip Girl star is yet another member of young Hollywood who recently threw his name into the mix.

Chace Crawford attends the What To Expect When You're Expecting premiere in New York (© WireImage)

Chace Crawford attends the What To Expect When You're Expecting premiere in New York

Speaking to Clevver TV, Chace said: "I'd be honoured. I'm a huge fan of the books. I think the world of Jennifer Lawrence. I've met her and chatted with her before. I think the movie was great and I would love the opportunity to play Finnick!"

Fans seem pretty unanimous in their vote that Chace is certainly gorgeous enough to play the heartbreaking Finnick, but many wonder if he has the acting chops to really bring our favourite District 4 tribute's emotional journey to life? We personally hate to pigeon hole people based on their prior roles, so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt - besides, with Gossip Girl ending next season he'll have plenty of time to study those books and fully embrace the character!

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer is another actor who is no stranger to The Hunger Games rumour mill. The star, best known for his roles in I Am Number Four and Stormbreaker, confirmed last year he'd met with producers about the possibility of playing Peeta Mellark.

Alex Pettyfer arrives at the I Am Number Four premiere in LA (© WireImage)

Alex Pettyfer arrives at the I Am Number Four premiere in LA

"I met with Lionsgate," he told J-14. "I think Gary Ross is a great director. I have [read the books]. I'm a very big fan. I just hope they can conquer the movie." While we all know the role of Peeta eventually went to Josh Hutcherson, it seems many Hunger Games fans are still eager for Alex to play some part in the franchise, and are now throwing his name out as a possibility for Finnick - and maybe they're right.

When his name was linked to the part of Peeta, some commenters dismissed him as far too good looking and perhaps a tad too confident in his demeanour to play the steady, central character. But surely those qualities would make him a perfect Finnick?

As with Chace Crawford, there are fans who wonder if he really has the range to truly do justice to Finnick's tortured side, while others are concerned that at 22 he's too young. But we're inclined to argue the English-born actor's a pro and could totally pull it off - although maybe we're just biased because he's British and we love to support our homegrown stars!

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