04/18/2012 12:26 | By Kerri-Ann Roper, Senior Editor, MSN Entertainment

First look: Zachary Quinto on set of Star Trek sequel

It may not have a name yet, but it does have the buzz factor. We're talking about new pics of Mr Spock (aka Zachary Quinto) on the set of the unnamed Star Trek sequel. Take a look.

Looks like it's not a case of Beam Me Up, Scotty, but rather beam me down. In a rather bright, spangly suit... Enjoy the first glimpse of Heroes star Zachary Quinto on the set of the new sequel to Star Trek.

Zachary Quinto

While the movie still has no official title, these snaps show Zachary and his stunt double hard at work. The actor, who plays the Vulcan icon, Mr Spock, doesn't seem too terrified by heights, as he's strung far above the ground on a wire.

Zachary Quinto

At first we thought it may be his stunt double, but on closer inspection you can see that it's definitely Zachary in the shots. Brave.

Zachary Quinto

The movie is due for release in May 2013, so these pics really are a treat ahead of time.

What do you think? Should they have made a sequel? Vote below!

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