23/09/2011 10:13
Winter movies preview 2011

What’s Your Number? (30 September)

What’s Your Number? (© Fox)
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Scary Movie, Just Friends, The House Bunny... Trust us: Anna Faris is one of Hollywood's smartest, sauciest, funniest blondes. This spritzy comedy sees her searching for love by trawling back through her ex-boyfriends. But look! Her new best friend Chris Evans, aka Captain America, is right under her nose! You know what happens.

Trailer: What's Your Number

20/09/2011 16:28
nooooooo why cant these movie makers come up with something different instead of stumbling and repeatedly remaking something they cant better, c'mon show some imagination please!!!
26/09/2011 02:35
28/09/2011 14:41
this will be the fourth not the third :)
28/10/2011 01:10
found the winkle picker wheres the hat
It sounds to me like 'In Time' is just going to end up as a re-hash/re-make of the classic Logan's Run; what happened to Hollywood's imagination?
02/10/2011 11:44
breaking dawn is going to be the best movie out of the saga!Smile
Seen the first one-brillant, second one was " Pants ", I just know though, will want to see the third.
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