27/10/2011 14:36
Skyfall: What we know


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At the recent press event, director Sam Mendes (third from left) and the cast confirmed that the title of the 2012 Bond movie is Skyfall. He also confirmed rumours that Javier Bardem (left) will play the central villain. Mendes confirmed that Skyfall will include 'everything we expect from a Bond movie'.

14/10/2011 15:16

James Bond movies are a credit to the British film industry and long may they continue.

08/10/2011 21:17
Each character from the bond franchise brought their own style and uniqueness. To say that Moore was better than Connery or Bronsnan better than Dalton is to not fully understand the portrayal of Bond. Each movie captured the hearts and minds of their respective audiences. Now with Craigg, his more serious demeanour and facial expressions is bringing out a Bond character that makes the job of Bond saving the world from the bad guys more real. There is greater depth in his character than all the cadgetry and sexy girls. No wonder why he has already captured a large following. He appears fit, far more fitter I must say than the other Bond stars and there is a focus about him that makes you wonder if there is not a lot more to Craigg than he is giving.  I like Craigg as the new face of Bond. He looks the part. He is suited to such characters and no better portrayal of this then the character he played in the  Hitler base movie Defiance.
30/10/2011 08:52
Well, this is a let down, MSN quoting what the SUN says. If it had quoted the Telegraph, the TIMES or some other quality newspaper, then I would have took more notice, but the SUN!! Heck, if they had quoted the Beano, I would have took more notice, but the SUN! Come on, does anyone believe anything that is written in the that besides the football results and the date?? If you do, then you have a very limited education and intelligence.
08/10/2011 14:09

Connery was ok for the era that his films were made, a time when the reality of shootings weren't as graphic as they are now and when Connery's misogynystic Bond could get away with naff one-liners, puns and an ego bigger than the character.


Craig is by far the best Bond IMHO. He is gritty and believable. His films more closely portray the menace and sinister nature of what being a '00' agent is all about, and his character is infinately more human than any previous Bond.


Sadly, much of Connery's support is based on nostalgia. Ask those who are watching Craig and Connery side by side for the first time which they prefer and my guess is that Craig will come out well ahead.


It's time to remake the whole franchise and let Craig prove beyond all doubt that he's the one and only Bond.

08/10/2011 18:15

Think he is the best Bond by a long shot,class without the cheese!

08/10/2011 18:18
When i think about Bond and how he came to be 007 it must have been via Mi5/SAS. Only with Daniel Craig is this believable. Connory and Moore were great Bonds, but neither of them look like former military types. Many people have commented that Craig's portrayal is much more gritty and realistic for the character, which i have to agree with. I thought Bond was becoming much too far fetched with Brosnan and Dolton. Craig has grounded it somewhat and brought 007 up to date. I look forward to the next movie with great anticipation
08/10/2011 17:41
I hope there's more gadgets and car chases but i do like how realistic casino royale and quantum of solace have been.
30/10/2011 14:35

your wrong brosnan had a beard when he was captured one time and toutured in die another day


03/11/2011 14:39

Anyone who thinks Daniel Craig cant act is obviously a complete numptie and a fan of the Statham School of Non Acting.  Craig is a fine classically trained actor with the skills and looks that projected Bond back into mainstream success and critical acclaim.

I have yet to see him perform less than brilliantly in anything in which he has appeared on either stage or screen.  


Have to agree though that Lewis Collins would have been a very good choice at the time.

08/10/2011 15:45
bringing the bond saga back to the start was the way forward to the bond movie saga ,it needed a new direction and Daniel Craig has brought this to the screen in his own way.
i am sure he will keep us on our edge off our seats in this new film, keeping the bond saga going and for all of us looking forward to the next outing of 007 sooner rather than later with Daniel Craig heading the 007 role again.
in my opinion id like to see little bit less off the high action sequences and bit more off the old bond ways that made us smile with the comments which gave us the 007 films over the years. 
keep bond traditional ...  
go for it Daniel Craig brings us more 007 its your time now.


03/11/2011 17:36

Please do not make it in 3D... I want to see a nice bright picture on the screen at my local cinema

08/10/2011 08:52
in the books Bonds biggest problem was the ORGANISATIONS , SPECTOR,smersh etc,
They need to give bond a constant pain to worry about, not just crazy individuals.Develope​ a
evil organisation with a head who is out to destroy Bond the free world etc..THIS is supossed to
be a young bond and to miss out on these baddies is a great chunk of bonds life gone.

03/11/2011 17:42

Daniel craigs Bond films are great action films, but there not BOND films. Hes not humerous, bring back characters such as Q, Miss money penney etc they make the bond film!!!

To all the people saying Bond had a beard in Die Another Day it was only because he had been captured for a long time and wasn't allowed to have a shave and then when he was released the 1st thing he does is go to a hotel and shaves it off. You can hardly class that, he didn't even want it.
14/10/2011 16:21
firstly respect to E Byn, i think the move to have Mr. Craig onboard was definitely the way to go, he does indeed bring a realism to a special agent tasked to save the world and catch major criminal masterminds, there is now some credibility to the role of 007 and well done to Mr. Craig for delivering these performances and long may it continue, the bond franchise was starting to loose storylines that where to be brutally honest nothing more than a joke, when i was a child and i used to love all of the gadgets and things like ejector seats or other such like items but come on people you have to agree that they are now proper serious movies and the longer Daniel Craig stays in the role i can just see it going from strength to strength, and i personally liked quantum of solace, it had to be made after casino royal and i think it worked a treat. for one a Bond we can believe is a secret agent with the all important license to kill and is not afraid to get into a proper fist fight, Keep up the fantastic work, the sky is the limit with this bond just don't go back to gadgets galore 1 or 2 realistic ones fair enough but please that must be that, sorry about the little rant but i had to say something and stick up for Daniel Craig, All the best to Daniel Craig and the whole crew of these movies and of course Mr. Fleming. if you agree with this can you post for me some good responses please

Just out of curiosity, did Peirce Brosnan sport a beard in die another day after being released fom his captures and swapped with that bloke who had diamonds stuck in his face?


It was a cac film mind, and i'm not surprised it may have been overlooked or forgotten.

14/10/2011 14:04

I am really disappointed to see that Samantha Bond as money penny is being replaced, she just suited the part so well & i think everyone was pretty turned on by her, lol


I hope that John Cleese also turns up for the role of Q branch & some decent gadgets are back.


Also, why can't we have the original setup of the good ole Bond film, baddie trys to take over the world, Bond meets a stunner, kills the baddie & saves the day.......rather than these never ending storylines.


That said, i can't wait for Bond 23!


who care's. the best bond drove an astin martin db5.

& was clean shaven

30/10/2011 16:58
Erm......Brosnan had a full on beard in Die Another Day after he had been held and tortured......boo at lazy journalism!!!!
14/10/2011 14:20

I fear the same will happen to Daniel that happened to Pierce (in my opinion of course).


Goldeneye was an excellent movie with a cast to match and will always be one of my favorites and even though each film got worse following, made me still regard Pierce as one of my favorites! but with each one following the stories and script (not neccessarilly the cast) got weaker and weaker which ended in what I thought was an emabarrising way for Pierce to part, especially with the shockingly bad animation when the dragster like car went over the edge of the cliff in Die another day (I am not in any way saying that was the worse part, but that was when I started laughing). The story was terrible and left me feeling like it was a massive copout that to be honest tainted the series for me and left me thinking "Bond is better than this"


Then along came Daniel with casino royale, and what an excellent movie that was!!! I was really impressed by it and thought "excellent! a decent story that isnt far fetched with animation for the sake of it". But then quantam of solace came along with high expectations and to be honest i was severly dissapointed and thought "here we go again" :/

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