21/10/2011 12:09 | By Jonathan Crocker, contributor, MSN Movies
True stories that became horror movies

Horror movies that actually happened

Can you handle the truth? Some horror films aren’t born in the addled brains of Hollywood screenwriters, they pulled right from the darkest corners of true life. These are the scary movies that actually happened for real... (© Rex)
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Can you handle the truth? Some horror films aren't born in the addled brains of Hollywood screenwriters, they're pulled right from the darkest corners of true life. These are the scary movies that actually happened for real...

23/10/2011 17:59
born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland and the 23 years of my life i have never eaten haggis and never eaten deep fried mars bars

how many londoners have had jellied eels ?
23/10/2011 14:17
id rather see a program with proof of these stories, does hearsay mean truth these days? in that case, ive got the biggest on the planet ladies!!!! ;-)
23/10/2011 00:09
Just a small point, but your picture for the Primeval movie about Gustav is actually from the UK TV show "Primeval" which is about rifts in time and dinosaurs...not about giant crocs  in Burundi. Wrong pic, guys....
i love horror movies,especially those based on true stories,e.g the exorcist,psycho,the amityville horror,henry portrait of a serial killer,etc.you can't beat a good horror movie.
23/10/2011 03:06
What about "The Entity" which tells the story of a women haunted by a physical presence based on a true haunting in 1976? 
23/10/2011 11:04
How can anyone knock/condemn someone elses beliefs (Londonbattleaxe)! Just because you may never have had an experience that left you wondering " What the hell was that" doesn`t mean another realm does not exist, to millions of people and several cultures the afterlife is an integral part of their lives.  
23/10/2011 10:43
the exorcism of emily rose, science 1 religion 0 lolololol also how is jaws classed as a horror film???
23/10/2011 20:19
Sorry Msn,it wasn't a Great White that killed the people in 1916 off New Jersey but Bull Sharks who swam up river to kill most of the victims,where it was first postulated that Bulls can stand brackish and fresh water.RESEARCH!!!!!
23/10/2011 01:50
Psycho was inspired by Edward Theodore Gein. It was not based on him. 
23/10/2011 02:51
just a small thought, whoever was making a suit of human skin sounds like he inspired the character of 'buffalo bill' in silence of the lambs as well.
23/10/2011 09:44
@Leodora Darlington - While agreeing wholeheartedly with your comments, I don't think MSN give two hoots about the professionalism of their journalists. Keith Foreman's point suggests this too.
25/10/2011 16:51
the texas chainsaw massacre was partly based on the american serial killer, robert elmer kleason , who upon his release from prison in america managed to con his way into moving to the uk, and ended up living in barton on humber (a quiet little village near scunthorpe,  just under the humber bridge) and when it finally came to light who he actually was, the police raided his home and found an arsenal of weapons and torture gear. apparently his web of lies were that convincing, he was advising the humberside police service on weapons training claiming he had worked for the fbi as a forensic and weapons expert!
23/10/2011 07:44

Making much out of a small plot idea is the very essence of writing, whether for the screen or for a novel/short story.  The only time I object to that is when journalists ignore the truth to have a good story. If you prefer hum-drum,  I should stick to trade paphlets if I were you!



23/10/2011 08:01
@David Wisdom - Psycho was indeed loosely inspired by Ed Gein. @abtia snapps,buffalo bill, again Ed Gein inspired alongside a bunch of others, most notable Ted Bundy. @Andrew Kent, The Entity's tale of events are supposedly based on events that took place in 1976 but, never corroborated. If there is any substance to any of these films I think it matters not & most that go to see would like to think there is, as do the film makers. Fans of horror & scary films enjoy the suspension of reality for around 90mins & the jumps & screams that the studios endeavour to achieve. I am sure if anybody was so dedicated to the truth instead of entertainment for this duration they would watch a documentary at home rather than indulge in this genre at the local cinema ;-)
23/10/2011 13:03

jaws is not what i call  a horror  however it was rated 18


23/10/2011 13:23
Even though 'Jaws' is classed as a 'creature feature' it still has horror elements in the film therefore it's placed amongst the several sub genres in horror. The same thing goes with 'Alien' it is placed in not just sci-fi but also the horror genre.
28/10/2011 19:55
hmmm bowls made out of skulls i hate my mums china stuff that we have to eat out off at every christmas but suddenly it doesnt seem so bad...
23/10/2011 02:27
Wasn't The Strangers based on an actual event?
25/10/2011 21:35
Correct me if i am wrong but the first line says this film was based on 2 real life australian serial killers.....??bradle​y john murdoch??? he was convicted of killing peter falconio?how is this relevant to wolf creek??

23/10/2011 11:49

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