26/10/2011 16:55 | By Ed Holden, editor, MSN Movies
13 celebrities who look like Tintin

Boy detective! We select our favourite Tintin lookalikes

The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn - Paramount (© Paramount)
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We've invented a new game. When a movie comes out, we sit round discussing showbiz faces that resemble the star of the film. We can't wait for Kung Fu Panda 3. In the meantime, here are 13 people that look like Tintin.

The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn is out now, by the way.

Tintin review

27/10/2011 14:50
simon pegg is the best look a like who agrees >????
27/10/2011 14:04

i think simon pegg should be tintin

How could jedward be tintin

27/10/2011 17:43

So basically anyone who is slightly ginger or has stupid hair looks light tin tin. Wow.



The person that put this together must have been having a laugh.

The only one there that looks anything like Tin Tin is Simon Pegg

27/10/2011 20:54
Simon Pegg all the way like if you agree :D
27/10/2011 01:37
there's someone thats been forgotten.....jimmy sommerville looks much more like tintin than anyone else.
27/10/2011 13:47
did someone really get paid to put this together? what a an appalling waste of everyones time
27/10/2011 18:12
poor effort, must be a quiet day in the office.
27/10/2011 16:52
msn, if you going to delete my comment then at least correct the mistake you made, it's ThomPson and Thomson, one with a P and the other without. I'll keep posting this till you change it. 
27/10/2011 18:28
riiiiiiiiiggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhtttt so anyone who has a flipped up fringe,a round face and looks slightly like a child...they must be really bored down at the msn office . Thumbs down. not impressed.
27/10/2011 21:32
Watching TV with my mum: "Is that Tintin?" "No mum, that's Professor Green!" LMAO!
31/10/2011 22:37
why was Ronan Keating not onm the list, i think he is unmistakably like the tin tin, or is it just me, ronan would made a brill tin tin!!!
27/10/2011 15:07

simon Pegg is well a look like when i first saw the advert to Tintin i thought it was simon Pegg but it wasn't and Jedward they look nothing like Tintin.

01/11/2011 17:09
Lol, Simon Pegg was who I thought of straight away XD
27/10/2011 14:31
really jedward is contenders did you see the money super market advert worst acting ever.simon pegg probably best actor out them all and would do a good job to make the character his.
30/10/2011 18:58
Lol?! How does louis Walsh look like TinTin.
27/10/2011 14:00
I agree!!!!! Jimmy Sommerville,he's a dead ringer for Tintin
30/10/2011 22:25
Why does msn bother with this crap,if this is the best they can do,they are seriously over staffed to let someone waste time on this...GIVE US SOMETHING INTRESTING PLEASE..!!

We are not dumb and stupid like you must think we are 
27/10/2011 13:42
you forgot the good old ashley peacock !!! that used to be in corrie, think he would be great but  it would have to be in mute lol xx
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