15/11/2011 10:01
Twilight US premiere: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get cosy!

Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz (© Rex)
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We've come to the conclusion that the Twilight films have one of the hottest casts in cinema history - Kellan Lutz looked every bit the Hollywood hunk at the premiere.

Twilight stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

15/11/2011 14:10
Oh my god, hang on a minute, is it????? YES YES its a picture of Kristen smiling!! 
15/11/2011 16:00
looking forward to the film........!!
15/11/2011 19:01
Heyy dont say rude stuff if u dont no wot 2 say thn dont say anythin at all
15/11/2011 19:53
dont say rude stuff if u dont now what ur saying p.s  i cant wait to see the movie
15/11/2011 21:21
cant wait 2 see it on friday whhoo
15/11/2011 21:18
wow the movie looks fab and soo does the red carpet
16/11/2011 00:10

Too much jaw.... Ouch!

And who cares if they haven't shaved. Stubble doesn't mean scruffy.

Tongue outCannot wait for Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

15/11/2011 18:14
Oh look its one of those rare moments Kristen Stewart ain't got a bloody face on! Surprised
The Pattinson fellow always looks like he could do with a good wash behind the ears and an even better night's sleep. The young lady wouldn't look out of place in Yeovil precinct yelling 'JAAAYDEN!! CAM 'ERE!' at some little tyke whilst waiting in a queue at Greggs.
15/11/2011 17:18

Nice looking lads, pity they look a total mess, should have gone to Burtons.

15/11/2011 18:32
If you can't be bothered to shave, don't put on a suit - cos you all look like nobs!...all you guys out there, start showing some class and get those razors out!
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